So sorry for the lack of updates, but due to a lot of difficulties trying to update Wix to be more user friendly whilst stuck with it's limits, updating 'Can('t) Buy Love' here will be a lot more difficult than I initially anticipated. To the extent that I may have to move hosts just to try and make a better site.

But the good news is, whilst that's in the works, I have found a new place to post not just Can('t) Buy Love updates, but also some of my other comic work! With this, I now feel a lot more comfortable continuing to work on the story! I've actually finished the latest page!

If you wish to keep up to date with my upcoming pages and read them a little more easily, you can do so at FlowFo!

Link to my comic pages here!

Thank you again so much for your patience!

Some good news! Hopefully :D

I'm planning on finally returning to Can('t) Buy Love some time in April! The website should hopefully be receiving a big update to help make pages easier to read.

Likely to begin with the pages won't be on as tight a schedule as they used to be until I can figure out a new work flow that works best, but I'm hopeful things will go smoothly!

Also an extra update- my artist name/alias has changed! Instead of SarahSalanica, I now go by 'Goblinica' x so when the new pages come out and the site is updated, don't be surprised when that has changed here x

Thank you all for your patience and hopefully see you all in April!

General mood for a new year? Yup. Still, Happy new year!

I'm still on my comic hiatus for now! Likely will be for a couple more months. Been doing commissions and playing FFXIV to keep myself distracted from the shit times. But I have no given up hope on being able to continue CBL x I just need to figure out how to handle it in the future to try and better control burn out and work load x.X and give the site an overhaul too.

Thank you so much to those who have continued to come and read. Stay safe and good luck for 2021!