General mood for a new year? Yup. Still, Happy new year!

I'm still on my comic hiatus for now! Likely will be for a couple more months. Been doing commissions and playing FFXIV to keep myself distracted from the shit times. But I have no given up hope on being able to continue CBL x I just need to figure out how to handle it in the future to try and better control burn out and work load x.X and give the site an overhaul too.

Thank you so much to those who have continued to come and read. Stay safe and good luck for 2021!

It was kinda inevitable, though I'd really hoped to finish the current chapter beforehand. But I'm beyond pooped at this point... During this time, I'm hoping I can make improvements to the site and work on other projects outside of my art, but until then, I'm gonna be gone for a while.

Quick update for everyone! CBL pages will be releasing every fortnight now rather than weekly until the current chapter finishes. I then intend to go on a long hiatus from CBL as I'm completely burnt out working on it and need to really step back and focus on something else.

During that time, I'm hoping to get the website updated and easier to navigate so, hopefully when the story does continue, it'll be more pleasant to look at! Both website wise and art wise x

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