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My timing is absolutely abysmal. Finally start posting my comic here again and almost immediately get ill x.X

No new page this week DX so here's a finished piece from last week of my Pathfinder character Genevieve x

Heya guys!

So, because once again, I'm reminded how important it is to have my content available in multiple places for viewing, the CBL website has been made available for reading updates! Including the now finished Chapter 6 (part 2) and the now weekly updated Chapter 7!

Pages will still also be available of FlowFo, and because of Wix's limited pages allowed, I cannot change the page reading layout from how it used to be. But here you won't need an account to read x

Thanks again!

So sorry for the lack of updates, but due to a lot of difficulties trying to update Wix to be more user friendly whilst stuck with it's limits, updating 'Can('t) Buy Love' here will be a lot more difficult than I initially anticipated. To the extent that I may have to move hosts just to try and make a better site.

But the good news is, whilst that's in the works, I have found a new place to post not just Can('t) Buy Love updates, but also some of my other comic work! With this, I now feel a lot more comfortable continuing to work on the story! I've actually finished the latest page!

If you wish to keep up to date with my upcoming pages and read them a little more easily, you can do so at FlowFo!

Link to my comic pages here!

Thank you again so much for your patience!