I REALLY hope this will be the last one for a while, but this week off has given me a lot of time to figure out what I need, and a change in my behavior is a major thing. So I'm using this one last week to get my shit together. Me and my SO's are re-arranging the house, giving it a huge tidy up and I'm working on getting back in shape, getting away from relying as much on my art and the internet to feel good about myself. I will still be working on my usual schedule once the house is sorted.

I know, it's cheesy AF to be all 'I'm working on myself' but it's kinda what I am doing at this point. I've had to recognize that a lot of my work issues and mental hangups are my own making, and that I will only continue to spiral if I don't address this shit head on. And as much as I fear letting others down, I have to stop letting myself down too.

I'm having no luck lately when it comes to health x.X nothing super serious, just wrist pains from work have finally caught up to me so I need to let my hand rest for a couple days. Pages will return to normal next week!

Ohh no... that sounds so bad, you poor goblin...