April Fools silly sketches!

NOTE: Please open so you can read the whole post! Explains future plans and has a link to my Discord group x

Those who follow me on Twitter and Tumblr know that when I was playing a recently completed pirates D&D campaign, I created an 'alternate universeee' version of Sal. Who was 'evillll'. Ooohhh...

So for this years dumb April Fools sketch (last year I did rule 63 stuff), the Sal's somehow switched universes!

ALSO- Chapter 4 is nearing the end! With luck, it'll be finished by next week! Which means I will be taking a break from CBL for a few weeks to recuperate. I'll still upload sketches related to CBL but there will be a break from pages. So if you wanna come chat with me or others during that break, I have a Discord group!