One more week off

I REALLY hope this will be the last one for a while, but this week off has given me a lot of time to figure out what I need, and a change in my behavior is a major thing. So I'm using this one last week to get my shit together. Me and my SO's are re-arranging the house, giving it a huge tidy up and I'm working on getting back in shape, getting away from relying as much on my art and the internet to feel good about myself. I will still be working on my usual schedule once the house is sorted.

I know, it's cheesy AF to be all 'I'm working on myself' but it's kinda what I am doing at this point. I've had to recognize that a lot of my work issues and mental hangups are my own making, and that I will only continue to spiral if I don't address this shit head on. And as much as I fear letting others down, I have to stop letting myself down too.